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Project Epilogue – Day 674: The SFU Photoshoot and a Bit of Anime Evolution

Via Flickr:
November 4th – Day 309 of 2012

A couple of friends of mine planned to have a photoshoot at SFU and invited me to join in.
Although we ended splitting off to different locations at the start :s Anyway, I finally had a
chance to work with someone I had met at the Zombie Walk earlier in August! The photoshoot went
fairly well although I’m not really keen on using SFU Burnaby again this season..

At the same time as this shoot the Anime Evolution convention was going on at the campus as well.
From what I was told before, AE was the original anime convention that took place in Vancouver up
to 2009/2010; Cos & Effect and Anime Revolution appeared in 2011 and 2012 respectively. My timing
was off a bit unfortunately so I ended up talking with people I already knew and getting their
pictures instead. The best part of this was that I learned my 7D + off-camera flash (with non-
Canon or Pocket Wizard flash triggers) is capable of capturing action shots with the flash
actually working! There are soooo many things I can do with this knowledge đŸ™‚

Checkout the pictures!
SFU Photoshoot:
Facebook –…
Flickr –

A Bit of AE:
Facebook –…
Flickr –


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