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November 24th, 2013 | A Photoshoot in the Snow


Via Flickr:
Long overdue..

This shoot was the result of a lot of talk about having a photoshoot up on the nearby mountains. Too bad it took us over a year to actually get around to it! Originally I was planning on having a larger variety of shots but I sadly (but not surprisingly though) got sidetracked by the 105mm Macro lens that ETL-Graphic brought along; this is the result of that. Decent but not really what I was after :c

Make sure to check out ETL-Graphic’s shots as well! –



July 6th, 2013 | [MiniComi 2013] – RWBY Photoshoot


Via Flickr:
These would have been finished much earlier had things not come up and distracted me ­čśí

Anyway, I only had 4 hours to spend at MiniComi and both Laika Cosplay´╗┐ & Nyurt Cosplay´╗┐ were attending so we did the obvious thing when we met up. I plan on getting better/more pictures when we meet again around AR in august ­čÖé

Laika Cosplay:
Nyurt Cosplay:


This was followed by a Vanstyle photoshoot: [Check Flickr in a few days]