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October 27th, 2013 | The Silent Hill Photoshoot


Via Flickr:
Another long overdue set, this time from way back near halloween!

I don’t need to say much about the theme (since the title should be enough 😛 ). For this shoot we had some fun with a smoke machine and using coloured gels (mainly red) for some scenes but even then, it was still difficult for me with only a single flash.

I completely forgot to mention that I was using a 5D MkII for this as well :3



[Updated] Trying something..different?


Trying something..different?, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Just a collection of short photoshoots where I want to experiment with different editing styles. Now updated with a third photoshoot!

Shoots #3 (Pictures 10-15): A small transition from low contrast to black & white. Unfortunately I am still a bit reluctant to let blacks become gray but the softer colours are nice so it is highly likely this style will become a mainstay. Black & white is going to take some time though 😐

Shoot #4 will happen sometime in November.


September 17th, 2013| [Vanstyle] Fall Photoshoot


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For this photoshoot I had a chance to use the Canon 135L lens and the results were wonderful; especially when my assistant (finally) showed up 🙂 The "back to school" theme for this shoot is best seen with the last two models in this set! Although I did test a different editing style for the last model..


July 15th, 2013 | [Vanstyle] Beach Photoshoot


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For the short time I’ve been into photography (and in the even shorter time that I have been learning of-camera lighting) I have never done a photoshoot on the beach, when the sun is high in the sky with no clouds to be seen and it didn’t help that the beach wasn’t particularly clean. This rushed shoot was a major challenge ~.~

I think I’ll do better next time at least.


August 16th-18th, 2013 | [Anime Revolution 2013]


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Sorry for taking so long with these. It seems that I was completely exhausted after AR ended and getting sick didn’t help matters @_@ Cosplayers in my photos; if you want copy of your picture(s) send me a message with your email and a link to 1-2 of your photos and I will have them sent to you asap!

Year two of Anime Revolution and the first event that I had a media pass for! Here’s a break down of my time there 🙂

Day One: The first day is generally supposed to be the most relaxing but sadly that wasn’t the case for me. I had to get through the day without any sleep while learning the in’s & out’s of a new softbox at the same time because of that, the quality of the photos isn’t as great as I normally achieve :s The main focus of this day was the Angelic Pretty USA Fashion Show. It was unfortunate that the stage lighting was so horrible for it =_=

Day Two: After recharging with some sleep things did get a lot easier for me. I spent all of Day Two just going to/having photoshoots and I (unfortunately) didn’t mange to cover any panels or other events plus I missed the annual Zombie Walk :/ The main focus of this day was the League of Legends photoshoot! Also special thanks to Winston Wong Photography for helping me with a shoot near the end of the day. It just showed how much more I can do if I bring along an assistant next time!

Day Three: Just wrapping up the weekend and getting some last minute pictures; pretty quiet over all. I am disappointed that I didn’t capture as large a variety of cosplays as I had hoped for :/

Next year I am hoping that they release the schedule a lot earlier, I had a horrible time managing to fit any panel or event in without cutting down on my cosplay focus -_-

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