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[Photoshoots] Trying something..different?


Trying something..different?, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Just a collection of short photoshoots where I want to experiment with different editing styles; assuming I manage to achieve said editing style that is.

Shoot #1 (Pictures 1-3): Trying out a low contrast editing style WITHOUT using my off-camera light as well. Sadly my 7D can’t render colours as nicely as I wanted after the sun went down past a certain hour :/

Shoot #2 (Pictures 4-9): Attempt #2 at the same editing style, just with my flash this time. The results were really nice this time and the colours were much more even. Now whether or not I actually managed to get the style right is up in the air; it is hard for me to low contrast out of the blacks :c

Shoots #3 and #4 will focus on black & white processing!



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