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August 16th-18th, 2013 | [Anime Revolution 2013]


Via Flickr:
Sorry for taking so long with these. It seems that I was completely exhausted after AR ended and getting sick didn’t help matters @_@ Cosplayers in my photos; if you want copy of your picture(s) send me a message with your email and a link to 1-2 of your photos and I will have them sent to you asap!

Year two of Anime Revolution and the first event that I had a media pass for! Here’s a break down of my time there 🙂

Day One: The first day is generally supposed to be the most relaxing but sadly that wasn’t the case for me. I had to get through the day without any sleep while learning the in’s & out’s of a new softbox at the same time because of that, the quality of the photos isn’t as great as I normally achieve :s The main focus of this day was the Angelic Pretty USA Fashion Show. It was unfortunate that the stage lighting was so horrible for it =_=

Day Two: After recharging with some sleep things did get a lot easier for me. I spent all of Day Two just going to/having photoshoots and I (unfortunately) didn’t mange to cover any panels or other events plus I missed the annual Zombie Walk :/ The main focus of this day was the League of Legends photoshoot! Also special thanks to Winston Wong Photography for helping me with a shoot near the end of the day. It just showed how much more I can do if I bring along an assistant next time!

Day Three: Just wrapping up the weekend and getting some last minute pictures; pretty quiet over all. I am disappointed that I didn’t capture as large a variety of cosplays as I had hoped for :/

Next year I am hoping that they release the schedule a lot earlier, I had a horrible time managing to fit any panel or event in without cutting down on my cosplay focus -_-

Facebook versions (for tagging):…

Check out the pictures from last year as well!
Anime Revolution 2012:

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