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Celebration of Light 2013 | United Kingdom, Canada & Thailand


Via Flickr:
My third year taking fireworks pictures and also my first time taking them from the beach (for the UK set)! Even with a sturdy tripod and a fairly nice spot on the beach for the UK display, I don’t think my first set of pictures turned out that great. The lack of wind left the smoke hanging around too 😦

July 31st – Canada had an amazing display! Sadly I was on the beach this time as well and my lens was not wide enough capture it all 😦

August 3rd – This time I went to Burrard bridge to capture the finale. The day itself even became nicer as the sun started to set so there wasn’t much (expected) difficulty in finally being able to get a good fireworks set! Sadly Thailand had other plans for their display. A little bit into the show, there was a large build up of smoke from the fireworks and due to the lack of wind it got pretty bad.. So much so, that it became near impossible to get any good pictures -_- There’s always next year at least :/


Celebration of Light pictures from –



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