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Project Epilogue – Day 731: The Last Day of 2012

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December 31st – Day 366 of 2012

Another crazy(ish) year and my second photography project comes to a close! I started this year with a sunset picture of Vancouver so it just made sense to get a sunrise picture in the same area. With that idea in hand, I went back to Lonsdale Quay with a couple of friends to do just that. Unfortunately the clouds had other ideas and I learned that my new camera gear was just a bit too heavy for my ancient tripod ~_~ I did still mange to get one decent picture at least! I am never waking up (or staying awake actually) at this time ever again though but I do hope all of you like the picture still (even with that tanker in the way -_-) 🙂 Capping off the year with just under 100 entires isn’t too bad, right?

There were a lot of high points this year and it was great that I met a lot of great people as the months rolled by. Between tweetups, events, photowalks, photoshoots and new gear, I was almost most always on the move! This year I was introduced to EastVanLove and it was an event that helped me learn a fair bit about event photography as more of their events took place. Near the end of the year I also upgraded from the Canon Rebel T2i, that I first got in December of 2010, to a Canon 7D; around the middle of the year I also got my first fast zoom lens (Canon 24-70mm f2.8L) It was also around that time that I ordered my first photo book, which features some of my favorite pictures from earlier in the year; it can also count as a tribute to my former camera 🙂 Of course I also made some great friends over the course of everything that happened, so I will be looking forward to meeting some more people next year! Of course a couple of things did fall through near the end of the year. I really wanted to find another organization to join since TEDxKids@BC wasn’t too busy for me between events and I thought I had found the answer with AIESEC SFU and JCI Vancouver; while I am still considering AIESEC SFU when I actually go to SFU in the future, I’m really not sure what happened to JCI in the last few months of this year :/ It would be really nice if I can find an organization/group that I would like enough to join next year, I need a change of pace.

There is a lot more good events I could probably mention but I’m still unsure where to begin, so it’s a good thing that this photo project is much more condensed than my Project 365; so take a look at the past year!

But even with all of the good, there were some bad events over the course of this year still. The only thing that really stood out was how some people can act, even though we talked a lot late last year and early this year; things seemed to be going pretty well and then *bam*, the silent treatment for no reason at all :/ This is only notable because of a certain thing that happened last year but last years problem could be considered a good thing in the long run at least! Anyway, enough with the bad, can’t dwell on such annoyances…

Anyway, thank-you everyone for all of your support this year and for watching my second photography project unfold, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Even though I am planning on focusing on school a lot more next year, I will still be updating my facebook page and flickr as I go to notable events throughout 2013!
Facebook Page:
And you can always connect with me through either of those pages or my twitter (@SukhrajB) too!

Best of luck to all of you in 2013 and thank-you again for watching (,liking and sharing) my work!

Project 365 – Day 365: The Last Day of 2011 –

You can find Project Epilogue in its entirity on –
Flickr: (best quality)

Checkout 2011’s Project 365 as well! –

Farewell you crazy year..


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