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Project Epilogue – Day 730: The Best of 2012

Day 730 - The Best of 2012 by SukhrajB
Day 730 – The Best of 2012, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
December 30th – Day 365 of 2012

Thanks to a well timed leap year, December 30th ended up being Day 365 and because of that I had to find something for this day; even though I wasn’t going anywhere. So here’s a small list of the important project entries!

Day 366 (Day 1 of 2012) –
An obvious choice since I didn’t realize how nice this picture was until months after taking it!

Day 417 (Day 52 of 2012) –
My first introduction to JCI Vancouver and meeting a particularly important(hard to miss her on twitter) friend. JCI seems to have gone back into another slump sadly or I’m just not seeing any updates :/

Day 423 (Day 58 of 2012) –
The panorama I managed to capture on this day is still one of my favorites, although I do want to try and get another picture like this in the future. The photowalk with my friend was really nice too 🙂

Day 429 (Day 64 of 2012) –
This was the only indoor shoot I had this year, it definitely deserves a place on this list!

Day 438 (Day 73 of 2012) –
We never did have another shoot this year but this one was still pretty nice.

Day 452 (Day 87 of 2012) –
This was the first event I took pictures at this year! Too bad I was feeling sick on the day, so this isn’t the best photoset -_-

Day 472 (Day 107 of 2012) –
The first #tweetup of this year and the day I met some really nice people, this definitely deserves a mention 🙂

Day 492 (Day 127 of 2012) –
My first dedicated "behind the scenes" photoset. All three can be considered one of my favorites though XD

Day 510 (Day 145 of 2012) –
Although this wasn’t the first event I took pictures at this year, it was the first one that wasn’t related to TEDxKids@BC (I’m not sure if I should count SHIFT 2012! This was definitely one of the reasons I started to consider event photography as the year went on. This was followed by EastVanLove vol. 6 shortly afterwards!

Day 528 (Day 163 of 2012) –
The day I got a new lens of course! 😀

Day 597 (Day 232 of 2012) –
Some of my favorite pictures from Anime Revolution came from the final day!

Day 602 (Day 237 of 2012) –
Didn’t get many pictures on the first day of C&E but the two photoshoots were fun 🙂

Day 636 (Day 271 of 2012) –
My favorite EastVanLove set, hands down 😀 Although it does show that I need a second Canon flash to get such an effect =_=

Day 638 (Day 273 of 2012) –
I really really love how I put this entry together!

Day 659 (Day 294 of 2012) –
The big TEDxKids@BC event of the year and my first time using a 5D MkII for such a task. It definitely highlighted how a full-frame camera would help me in whatever direction I take my photography. I sold my Canon Rebel T2i and bought a (used) Canon 7D shortly after this too!

Day 680 (Day 315 of 2012) –
Definitely my favorite Instameet photoset! This was also my second time using the Canon 100mm L macro lens; it was really awesome to use since I don’t have anything in that range! Just need to get a Canon 85mm prime lens now..

Day 701 (Day 336 of 2012) –
My first time volunteering for a Help-Portrait event deserves a mention 😀

Day 728 (Day 363 of 2012) –
A very recent entry but still surprisingly good, even for such a rainy day!

Ok, so this may not be that "small" of a list but most of these were important days still! Such a crazy year it has been……but I’ll go more into that in tomorrow’s final entry 🙂


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