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Project Epilogue – Day 699: The Hot Pot #Tweetup

Via Flickr:
November 29th – Day 334 of 2012

Since we had a friend who was leaving for a "work" related trip before the start of December, the tweetup for next month was pushed up by a few weeks!

This was actually my first time going to a proper hot pot place since the only other hot pot I had known about before was the one that some Chinese restaurants serve. Interestingly enough they also had oysters and mussels on the hot pot menu, so this tweetup also ended up being my first time trying them; it’s safe to say that I’m not a big fan of the oyster I ordered (that texture just does not work for me 😐 ) but the mussels were pretty nice! The only downside was how diluted the soup bases became near the end (the pot in the foreground actually had both sides bubble into each other too!), we definitely need to order two separate soups next time :/

Anyway, had a nice time with friends and I’m looking forward to the next time we have hot pot!


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