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Project Epilogue – Day 694: UPhoto Granville Island Photowalk and the SEY Competition

Via Flickr:
November 24th – Day 329 of 2012

Somehow I went to sleep really early last night and woke up at 5am this morning; this has never happened before :/

Because I woke up so early I went to the UPhoto photowalk that had been rescheduled from the the previous weekend.The photowalk started at the Olympic Village Canada Line station and went to Granville Island; I only got a few pictures since I couldn’t stay very long. The second event I went to was the SFU Entrepreneur of the Year competition, I was shooting at this event with a couple of friends for UPhoto. Not a very exciting day but still busy nonetheless.

Even managed to sleep early too..

UPhoto Photowalk pictures:….
SEY Competition pictures:….

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