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Project Epilogue – Day 659: TEDxKids@BC 2012

Day 659 - TEDxKids@BC 2012 by SukhrajB
Day 659 – TEDxKids@BC 2012, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
October 20th – Day 294 of 2012

After months of planning and countless long days when certain team members got very little sleep, event day is finally here!

With this being the second major TEDxKids@BC event we had over 300 attendees come to Science World for an inspirational day! The event was split up into three segments, the morning block of speakers, several workshops during the lunch break, and a final block of speakers at the end of the day. The theme for this year was Connect. Inspire. Act.; the event itself would connect people, the speakers would provide some inspiration and it would be up to the audience to act on what they believe in! As much as I would like to summarize the entire event, I highly recommend checking out for better information about the speakers and workshops; you can also find the video from the live stream as well, the cleaned up versions will be posted later!

Unlike last years event (and even yesterday) I had a chance to use a full-frame camera this time. A very awesome photographer friend of mine (who has helped me so much since last year too) actually brought along his (Canon) 5D MkII AND let me use it for the entire day! Oh how nice it was too, the 5D MkII went so so well with my 24-70L lens and even though I did lose a lot of extra range, the camera handled iso 5000 really nicely along with providing some nice bokeh at the 24mm end of my lens. As dated as 5D2 is becoming, I have to admit that it was pretty nice to use and the results were very nice 🙂

Apart from a few hiccups, the day went pretty smoothly and it looked like everyone enjoyed the event; definitely can’t wait until next year!

You can see my pictures here:

You can see the pictures by Winston Wong Photography here:

And more from the other photographers will be posted on the TEDxKids@BC facebook page when I get all of them!


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