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October 20th, 2012 | TEDxKids@BC 2012


Via Flickr:
Connect. Inspire. Act.

That was the theme for this years main event at Science World. The event featured several speakers that spoke about ways that others could reach out and make a difference through personal goals or working with various organizations. Along with the speakers, there were four workshops taking place during the lunch break. These workshops expanded on the talks that were given and were aimed at helping attendees piece their own ideas together! We hope that all of the attendees were inspired by everything and had a great time!

I actually had a chance to use a Canon 5D Mk II for the day instead of my Canon T2i. You can really tell the difference between this event and the 2011 event 🙂


Check out the last two events as well!
TEDxKids@BC Change (April 2012):
TedxKids@BC 2011:


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