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Project Epilogue – Day 651: VanStyle Autumn Photoshoot

Via Flickr:
October 12th – Day 286 of 2012

A friend of mine recently formed a new club at SFU called VanStyle. The club is about anything related to fashion pretty much, from clothing and hair styles for guys to clothing, make-up, nails, etc for girls.

The first event for the club was an autumn fashion photoshoot at SFU. Sadly it was a cloudy and dreary day but we tried to make the best of it still although I didn’t get many pictures either. They even made a blog where you can find all of their reviews and the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot! For a first event, it was pretty chaotic but still enjoyable 🙂

Although the club is for fun, their blog follows a standard magazine format where they don’t want any of the photographers to post their sets before they are published on the blog. I managed to get an exception since my TEDxKids@BC event is on the same day. Enjoy this larger preview for now!

VanStyle blog:

See the full set here (after October 20th):….


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