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Project Epilogue – Day 631: TEDxSFU and Raw Talent 12×12 Photo Exhibition

Via Flickr:
September 22nd – Day 266 of 2012

Today I had a chance to attend TEDxSFU; this was their second year hosting an event and my first time actually having a chance to attend! The theme was “Going Against the Grain” and they had a decent variety of speakers who talked about what they did was different, check the TEDxSFU website for more details about all of them ( My favorite talks were by Luke Brocki (@lukebrocki) -His talk was about journalism so it was especially noteworthy to me-, Alexandra Samuel (@awsamuel) -Her talk was about our migration to online media-, and Riaz Meghji (@riazmeghji) -His talk was about encouraging more communication between people I believe-. My lack of sleep before the day started made it kind of difficult to remember everything about the talks so now I also need wait for the videos to be released 😡 And it was also nice meeting a few new people as well!

There was an after party event as well but I didn’t stick around too long for that, my next destination was the Raw Talent 12×12 Photo Exhibit ( that was happening at the Salt Building near the Olympic Village area. I did see a lot of nice pictures but I had forgotten that something was going on in the basement so I left after half an hour.

Next up is a fall fashion photoshoot!


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