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Project Epilogue – Day 628: A Blurb Photowalk and the Sept #Tweetup

Via Flickr:
September 19th – Day 263 of 2012

Finally time for another photowalk but this one wasn’t as fun as ones I have been too in the past.

An online book publishing site called Blurb was hosting several events on this day in Vancouver and this photowalk was one of them. The walk went all over Gastown and it did go through some very interesting graffiti alleys but I don’t get particularly inspired by taking pictures of already great art and if the area wasn’t so sketchy and hidden from the street, I would definitely want to go back and have a photoshoot in the area though. I will admit that the best part of it all is the fact that I have a chance to actually make a photobook through a promo that Blurb is running right now and I will even be able to make one for the October TEDxKids@BC event! 😀

I think I will be missing the other Blurb events though.

After an incredibly long two and a half hour wait, it was time for the september dinner #tweetup 🙂

Even the though last tweetup was fairly recent (Day 606/Day 241 - and we were missing some people (again); the night was fun, the food was great, and @jeremylim & @henryjue really need to get a room 😛 And after the events of the night, I am highly looking forward to EastVanLove 6.5 and my camera will be kept at the ready there! XD

Satisfying evening? Most certainly! But now I need to prepare for a busy weekend starting with the UPhoto Icebreaker event 🙂

I will be posting the few photowalk pictures on my facebook page as usual:


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