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August 24th-26th, 2012 | Cos & Effect 2012


Via Flickr:
These took a bit longer than planned (but still a week faster than last year!).

Anyway, this was my second year going to C&E. Unlike last year, this event fell right after another convention (Anime Revolution as most of you know) and I was a bit burnt out because of that. Although I didn’t get as many pictures (and variety of cosplay) this time around, I still did get some nice results; you just can’t beat an off-camera flash at times 🙂

The biggest downside to this years event was the fact that the best gathering spot was undergoing construction at the time :/ Still had a nice time though!

Day 1: Pictures 1 to 21
Day 2: Pictures 22 to 122
Day 3: Pictures 123 to 184

Facebook versions (for tagging):….

Cos & Effect 2011:

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