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Project Epilogue – Day 597: The Final Day of Anime Revolution

Via Flickr:
August 19th – Day 232 of 2012

And just like that, the final day arrives!

Today I pretty much went all out and carried my lighting set-up around with me, to use in most pictures. I must say that the results turned out far better than I expected! Since I had missed Sugar’s QA panel, that had happened earlier in the morning, I had a lot of time to focus on getting pictures. This single light set-up really proved itself though, after a bit of tinkering with the settings and remembering some important basics that is 😑 The results still speak for themselves though!

The best part about today was actually being able to get a picture of Sugar (at last) although I really wish I had had a chance to talk with her a bit but hey, at least I got something still πŸ™‚ Just before that as well I got a couple of really nice pictures of a person called LeeAnna Vamp – top-right picture- and even though I hadn’t heard about her before, the pictures themselves turned out far (far) better than I had expected! The final day didn’t go that badly at all πŸ˜€

As for my over all thoughts on this convention. There really weren’t that many exciting panels (along with a definite lack in how many were happening at once) and the location was very cramped too (we were all expecting the new convention centre after all!), the small space also ended up making all the micro photoshoot events moving away from the convention centre area. Sure the guests were really nice but everything else was a bit..meh. I don’t think it was worth $80 and I’m not entirely sure that the $40 I originally payed was entirely worth it either.

Although I wouldn’t mind getting a media pass next year though, it would make getting nice pictures so easy!

Now to wait until next weeks Cos Effect convention, where I will be putting everything I learned from AR to use!

In the mean time, enjoy all of my pictures! πŸ™‚

Day 3 of AR starts at picture 78:


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