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Project Epilogue – Day 596: The Zombie Walk & Day 2 of Anime Revolution

Via Flickr:
August 18th – Day 231 of 2012

Day two of the convention was a bit more eventful; unfortunately after staying up so late the previous night, I didn’t reach downtown until 3pm.

Coinciding with the convention was also the annual zombie walk event, of which I never posted any pictures of in 2011. Although I didn’t tay for the whole walk this time around, I still did manage to get some pictures before heading back to AR. My only regret is not getting the contact info of a particular zombie (slayer?) though 😦 A link to the pictures can be found below as always, check it out!

Convention wise, I spent more time understanding how to use off-camera light as I walked around; in turn I did get more pictures of the cosplayer’s but the results were as stellar as I had hoped but I did figure out how to create a pseudo-studio look (even if that only happened near the end of the day and wasn’t taken advantage of until the final day)! Because of my super late arrival though, I didn’t get many pictures but I am glad that I ran into a few new people 🙂 My off-camera light saw a bit more use though.

Quiet convention day over all.

Zombie Walk pictures can be seen here:

Also, Day 232 -August 21st, 2011- from my 2011 photo project (Project 365) was when I went to my first zombie walk event!:

Day 2 of AR starts at picture 44:


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