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Project Epilogue – Day 595: Day 1 of Anime Revolution

Via Flickr:
August 17th – Day 230 of 2012

Anime Revolution was a new convention that I heard about last year, a few months after I attended Cos Effect for the first time. I ended up buying a pass when they were on sale for $40 and I had been looking forward to my second convention ever since. The high point for today was having a chance to see Sugar (from YTV’s The Zone over 10 years ago) again; she really hasn’t changed much from back then 🙂 She was at a QA panel with two other voice actors who also happened to be involved with the Sailor Moon dub. Apart from that, I also saw the first part of the AR Walk-Off contest (based on something from the Zoolander movie, which I have never seen). It was a pretty funny event though, it sucks that I didn’t have a longer lens to be able to capture the on stage action (even though I was in the front row; thank-you media pass holding friends :3) and that my camera can’t focus in such dark conditions :/ At the end of the day though, I decided to stick around and check out the 18+ events and all I will say is that it was strange experience lol…

Over all for the first day of this event I didn’t take as many pictures of the cosplayer’s around the convention centre and I didn’t use my new light kit as much as I had planned either. Still, it was a fairly enjoyable day and I expect to get far more tomorrow!

Pictures can be seen here:


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