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Project Epilogue – Day 593: The Deer Lake Photoshoot

Via Flickr:
August 15th – Day 228 of 2012

A friend of mine had wanted to do a shoot with me, so we decided to plan one before Anime Revolution came around; we basically planned this in a week! The theme of the shoot was supposed to be ethereal but I wasn’t really sure how to show it in the shoot, so I doubt that you can see it at all in the pictures. Regardless of that, I did get two really nice pictures (top-right bottom-left) so I am content at least. Everything went well over all apart from the fall a flash umbrella, that I was borrowing, took; that ended up slowing me down a lot since it sucked that it had fallen 😦

Thanks again to the MUA and the models, you all did great!

Now to wait for my friend to finish her pictures 🙂

You can see my pictures here:


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