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Project Epilogue – Day 589: A Cosplay Fashion Show at the Chinatown Nightmarket

Via Flickr:
August 11th – Day 224 of 2012

Before I get to talking about this day, I want to give a quick recap of August 2nd and 4th since there are no entries for those days.

On the 2nd, I was a photo assistant for Patrick Leung during his photoshoot with a local Vancouver DJ known as DJ Yurie. It was pretty interesting seeing how he works and I did get a few ideas about how I can improve (hopefully without using too many elements of his style)! Christine (DJ Yurie) was also a joy to work with and her smile is quite infectious, too bad there was no chance to see her actively mix some music 😦 Although it was a shame that I couldn’t even get a picture for that day, I should expect that not everything will go in my favor all the time just just take it in stride when the pros outweigh the cons πŸ˜€

Check out Patrick’s tumblr as he posts more pictures from the shoot!:
And make sure you go listen to some of DJ Yurie’s mixes as well!:

The 4th was the last day for the Celebration of Light and also the day that my friend was having an early birthday dinner because of changed plans. The dinner was but because of the dinner we did end up being unable to get an awesome spot for Italy’s display, we all did at least get to see how amazing it was! Although I didn’t get any pictures, I don’t regret my choice to stay for the whole dinner πŸ™‚ And Italy was definitely the best for this year as well!

Anyway back to the present (based on this picture), this was the final cosplay related event before Anime Revolution. I was planning on skipping this originally but I’m glad I went! There were some really nice cosplays (my favorites were Twoface, Robin (top-right picture) and the two in the bottom right picture) this time and the lighting was decent too. I’m definitely looking forward to what I will see at the main event πŸ™‚

Pictures can be seen on facebook:….

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