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Project Epilogue – Day 579: Redoing a Photoshoot and Brazil’s Fireworks Display

Via Flickr:
August 1st – Day 214 of 2012

Today was a pretty busy day. First off, I had the small rescheduled photoshoot with my friend. This was to makeup for the last shoot that didn’t go so well and I never really had much of a chance getting picture of her during the past couple of shoots we went too. Although this went fairly well, I really had my mind set on playing with off camera light :/ See the link below for the results.

The second event of the day was a birthday gathering that another friend of mine had at Catch 122. Sadly I wasn’t able to stay as long as I had hoped since I wanted to go to the fireworks later on. For the time I did stay though, it was pretty fun and I finally had a chance to meet a couple of tweeps in person! 🙂 On the flipside, thankfully I didn’t have a chance to interact with a particular person though; saved my night from turning sour…

And to cap off the day, Brazil’s fireworks display for the Celebration of Light! The picture on the bottom left was taken when a warning shot is fired from the barge and a lot of people seemed to like the instagram version ( – It also won me a gift card :D). Brazil’s display was much more lively than Vietnam’s over all and my pictures did turn out pretty nice this time! 🙂

See the photoshoot pictures on flickr (since Facebook ruined the quality):

See the fireworks pictures here:

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