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Project Epilogue – Day 575: Behind the Scenes of an Editorial Photoshoot and Vietnam’s Fireworks Display

Via Flickr:
July 28th – Day 210 of 2012

I’ve been in a bit of a rut over the past few weeks in regards to photoshoot ideas and I had been hoping to shadow several photographers to help me see what their shoots are like. Unfortunately, many of the photographers I know didn’t need any extra help. Thankfully I did manage to find someone that need some help and although the shoot was pushed back a fair bit, I’m glad that I finally got to make it one; this was also my first time meeting Mingyang (the photographer I was assisting)! There were two other assistants as well of course. This was an editorial photoshoot, so the final pictures are hopefully going to be featured in the magazine that Ming submitted them to. Thankfully because my job was to show behind the scenes stuff, I can also feature this in my photo project!

As for the shoot itself, it was pretty laid back and thanks to the slightly long wait after arriving to the location, we were all rested and ready to go; which you can see in the photoshoot 🙂

This day was also the start of the annual Celebration of Light fireworks event. For those of you that don’t know (which should be rare, since are my pictures even seen outside of Vancouver?), a couple of countries are chosen to display their fireworks prowess and see who is the best. This year, after Honda took over funding, they released an app that -finally- allows the public to vote and choose which display the loved the best! The first display of this year was Vietnam, who had a fairly slow and relaxed pace to this display. Head to the fireworks link below to see what I captured! Next up is Brazil.

Photoshoot pictures can be seen here –

Celebration of Light pictures can be seen here:

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