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Project Epilogue – Day 559: USV Steveston Photowalk

Via Flickr:
July 12th – Day 194 of 2012

Surprisingly enough, my second photowalk to Steveston came much sooner than I expected, this time I went down to Steveston with a group called Ultimate Shootouts Vancouver! I had known about USV for awhile now and I had seen posts from their past events but I had never attended any of the events, mostly because I couldn’t afford too at the time (go figure) :/ Anyway, this photowalk went into the opposite direction from the route that my group took on Canada Day; we went towards an area called the Britannia Shipyards. Unsurprisingly this area also presented a LOT of nice photoshoot locations as well and I plan on taking advantage of this area as soon as I can figure out a theme! 😀

To cap off the day, we went down to Hogshack Cook House to see how good the BBQ is and if they would actually live up to all the hype. Thankfully they did and everyone just loved the BBQ platters! I already know what I’m going to try next time! XD

Check out the pictures here:


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