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Project Epilogue – Day 540: The RUSH Event

Day 540 - The RUSH Event by SukhrajB
Day 540 – The RUSH Event, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
June 23rd – Day 175 of 2012

Today’s big event was The Rush: Race & Urban Scavenger, it is hosted by the BC Lung Association. I had initially heard about this event last year through someone I knew but I declined trying to volunteer for it because I thought it wouldn’t be worth the effort and I was busy enough with my 365 project as it was. Thankfully by the time I had heard about it again this year (since another friend of mine was also involved with it), I knew I had learned enough -along with getting a new lens to test out a bit more- to take some time and give this event a shot (pun intended) 🙂

The event itself is basically like the Amazing Race but compressed down to fit in Vancouver (around downtown and the upper portion of UBC to be more precise) but the creators of the event are quite secretive about what & where each station is, so I was only sent to the area around Main St/Terminal and Yaletown. Over all it was pretty fun and I am certain that I got some awesome pictures (and some filler of course) although I was a bit disappointed that none of the photographers got a volunteer shirt :/

The event pictures can be seen here:… (flickr link in the description)


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