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Project Epilogue – Day 534: #604Photowalk 10 at Car Free Days on Main St

Via Flickr:
June 17th – Day 169 of 2012

Even though the summer hasn’t fully arrived yet and the rain doesn’t understand that it has overstayed its welcome, that’s no reason not to go out for a photowalk 🙂

This months photowalk took us to the annual Car Free Day Festival on Main St; which also happens on Commercial Drive and down in the West End. For this event, Main Street is blocked off from King Edward St. to 12th Ave and various performances happen and all along the street are various vendors; although from what I heard from a friend, Commercial Drive had more of a focus on food versus the store focus that Main seemed to have. For a first during a photowalk (at least for me), we got ice cream cake from DQ -as the picture shows- and another group member was kind enough to get some doughnuts as well! It was a great way to end the walk since the event itself was a bit boring :s

I also used this photowalk to play around with my new 24-70L some more and I’m really pleased with its results! 😀

Pictures can be seen in the normal spots:


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