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Project Epilogue – Day 528: A Gundam Test Shoot

Via Flickr:

June 11th – Day 163 of 2012

After I posted this picture, I realized that I should have made it a Project Epilogue entry since it was already set-up in the normal format that I use. Of course there is nothing new to add to the description so the old one can be seen below:
Testing out a new lens with a model I have yet to take any pictures of since I bought it and the results from the 24-70L were awesome! Apart from taking the time to manually focus (because the lighting was low enough to mess with my cameras AF), the pictures turned out really nicely at f2.8. The colour & contrast were very nice too and I didn’t need to edit the pictures as much as I expected! And I should also mention that the close minimum focus distance is wonderful as well 🙂

I’ll take some time later on this year (hopefully not too late) to get more pictures of all the gundam models I have, this lens was an awesome choice!!

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