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Project Epilogue – Day 517: TED@Vancouver Worldwide Talent Search

Day 516 - TED@Vancouver Worldwide Talent Search
Day 517 – TED@Vancouver Worldwide Talent Search, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
May 31st – Day 152 of 2012

Had a rare opportunity today. In preparation for the TED 2013 conference, TED began a worldwide talent search that has gone to every continent (17 cities in total) in search of amazing speakers, it was Vancouver’s turn to show off some talent this time (although people from other cities did fly in as well). There’s not much I can really say about the speakers right now, although there were a couple of really good ones, but TED should have all of the videos up sometime in July; so make sure you check those out 🙂

The event itself was a bit underwhelming to me but it wasn’t a normal TED conference, so that is to be expected :c

May have been a very very eventful month. Even though I have started to work more on my event photography skills but for the past couple of months it has felt like my portrait photography had reached a stagnation point, so what I really want to do is branch out a bit and assist other photographers (along with practicing behind the scenes photography) and see if I can pick up some more ideas; although I still need to find photographers that would want some help first, preferably people I don’t know very well..

Anyway, on to the halfway point of 2012!


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