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Project Epilogue – Day 515: EastVanLove vol.6 Social Innovation

Day 515 - EastVanLove vol.6 Social Innovation
Day 515 – EastVanLove vol.6 Social Innovation, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 150 of 2012

*Day 446 in my project was when I attended EastVanLove vol.5, my first EastVanLove event: *

Today the sixth EastVanLove was held at Calabash Bistro and I was asked to take pictures for
the event. The theme this time around was social innovation and how the presenters overcame
various challenges that would have prevented them from reaching their goals and making a
difference.Information on the presenters can be found here:

This was another chance for me to learn how to adapt to using flash photography in a space
that wouldn’t make it easy for me; I also took this chance to test out how good a 17-50mm f2.8
lens would be for event photography! Sadly, while the (Tamron non-VC) 17-50mm f2.8 was great,
it just wasn’t long enough to let me get headshots (or tighter upper body shots) of the
presenters and I was unable to move closer too. I ended up deciding to go with a 24-70L lens
for event work, since I believe it has the range I need and I the flash diffuser should also
help too. Although I am not entirely happy with how most of my pictures turned out, they could
have been better :/

EastVanLove vol.7’s theme will be history and the event will be taking place in the fall, so
keep an eye out for the announcement since it will be a big event!

Pictures can be seen here: Facebook (support my page!) | Flickr

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