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Project Epilogue – Day 511: The Richmond Night Market Photowalk

Via Flickr:
May 25th – Day 146 of 2012

Last week a second night market had opened up in Richmond; this one is by the Bridgeport Canada Canada Line station. The main difference between this night market and the original one, is that half of this market is dedicated to food stands! Although there are doubles of several stands, the variety is about the same as the original night market. The food that I loved the most (that several others in the group also did) was the Philipino BBQ meat that a stand was selling (picture #2), it was really savory and tasty 🙂

I went to the night market with a group of photographers since there is a photo contest going on where the winners picture will be used to promote the night market. The nine pictures I chose are going against all of these entries (…) so wish me luck!

The new night market is pretty and really close to where I live so I will probably be go back later on during the summer.

My pictures can be seen here:


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