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Project Epilogue – Day 505: #604Photowalk 9 at Granville Island

Via Flickr:
May 19th – Day 140 of 2012

With the good weather becoming more frequent, it makes sense to go out on more photowalks; so starting off this trend was a photowalk around Granville Island. It has actually been over a year since I last visited Granville Island (Day 58 from Project 365 -, although I never posted those photowalk pictures on my flickr or facebook page. Unlike last year, on that cloudy day, I didn’t see that many interesting things to get pictures of during this photowalk and it was clear day too. It was a nice afternoon still and I did get to try out an old Canon EF 20-35mm f3.5-4.5 lens as well.

The next photowalk is supposed to be to Steveston Village so I’m really excited for that (and my chance to try the BBQ at Hogshack as well)! 🙂

Pictures can be seen here:
Facebook (to support my page, even though flickr has better quality):…

All #604Photowalk sets will be organized into this collection (…) now for easier viewing as well.


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