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Project Epilogue – Day 491: Free Comic Book Day

Via Flickr:
May 5th – Day 126 of 2012

I heard about this very cool day by watching a tv show on Space a few weeks ago. A
comic store, called Metroplis Comics, was hosting an event for this day and since
I figured that getting free comic books would bring in a crowd, I went to the mall
an hour before. By some lucky chance though, an orchestra was playing an in the
Atrium Court and since I was a bit too early, I stuck around to listen to the
pieces they played! The orchestra was from a high school just outside of Seattle
that travels around a bit every few years, they played really well!

The comic book store opened at noon and there actually was a small crowd there
about half an hour before. Thankfully I wasn’t late and I managed to pick up nine
comics! Now I just need to find some time to read through each of them xD

Next year I will go to get some more 🙂


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