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Project Epilogue – Day 490: Critique Night with Patrick Leung

Day 490 - Critique Night with Patrick Leung
Day 490 – Critique Night with Patrick Leung, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
May 4th – Day 125 of 2012

Now this is something new; Art Department studios in Richmond held a critique event where any one who attended would be able to get their work critiqued by other photographers and by the speaker of the night, Patrick Leung for this event. Although the critique was a bit… lacking, it was really nice to learn a bit more about how Patrick approaches each of his photoshoots 🙂

Any event where you get to meet other photographers is always fun to attend, so the night itself went great! And to top it off I now have a chance to see how an abstract photographer coordinates his own photoshoot within the next few days, it should be interesting 😀

You can see some of Patrick’s work here:

Check out the next Critique Night event here:


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