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Project Epilogue – Day 477: #604Photowalk 8 at UBC

Day 477 - #604Photowalk 8 at UBC
Day 477 – #604Photowalk 8 at UBC, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 112 of 2012

Going to a photowalk (or 2) every month is pretty fun and it’s a nice way to breakup the time between photoshoots too πŸ˜€ This months photowalk was around UBC and The day itself was pretty nice (for the most part) but it got cloud and dull fairly quickly. Because of that, I didn’t get that many (if any actually) decent pictures :/

I even managed to get two of my friends to come along for this photowalk (@stephawie @teachingtammy) and Stephanie got a very nice picture of me too; it’s my new profile picture now πŸ™‚

The facebook album will be up uploaded separately with only the pictures from this photowalk, so keep an eye on my page (, otherwise you will be able to see photowalk #8 with the rest of the #604Photowalk pictures here ( on my flickr.

I think this may be my last post for this month as well; I’m hoping to have at least two photoshoots with two people next month so I’m really excited for that (more so if I can use a 135mm f2L lens :X), as long as the weather cooperates that is..


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