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Project Epilogue – Day 461: TEDxKids@BC Change

Day 461 - TEDxKids@BC Change
Day 461 – TEDxKids@BC Change, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 96 of 2012

I had originally been planning on making a rehearsal day picture as well (like Day 259 from last years event: but unfortunately enough for me, catching up on this project took a lot more out of me then normal it normally does and I ended up sleeping through it 😦

Last october was when TEDxKids@BC first held an event and the success from that spurred us into getting a viewing party license for TEDxChange! Along with having a stream from the main event, happening all the way in Berlin, we also brought in some speakers and performers to help show what youth in Vancouver can do and in the process inspire other youth into finding others ways to encourage change in whatever they are passionate about! The list of speakers (and the videos of their talks when they get posted) can be found on the TEDxKids@BC website.

Like last year, I was also a photographer for this event and thanks to the 70-200mm lens I borrowed, I managed to get some really amazing shots (as you can see from this little preview) 🙂 The event itself went really well, the talks were great, and I hope that all of the attendees connect with each other at some point too; definitely can’t wait for the videos to be posted and the main october event of course! 🙂

The pictures for this event will be posted in this album/set when I finish:

While you all wait, why not take a look at last years pictures?
Day 260 –
My TEDxKids@BC 2011 pictures:
TEDxKids@BC flickr page (the pictures from the other photographers start at page 8):

TEDxKids@BC Change – Live streaming party for TEDxChange 2012
x=Independently organized TED event

TEDxChange |


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