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Project Epilogue – Day 452: The 3rd Annual AWEAR Charity Fashion Show

Day 452 - The 3rd Annual AWEAR Charity Fashion Show
Day 452 – The 3rd Annual AWEAR Charity Fashion Show, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 87 of 2012

Remember the small Flashion Show that I posted about almost a month ago (here take a look to refresh your memory: Well today’s finally the event day for it! After months of planning and marketing (by the Special Events class and Langara Business Association who worked together on the marketing), the event finally came together.

Although this is the 3rd event so far, it was actually the first time that I had heard about this charity fashion show since I had started going to Langara last year. Although to be fair, I had only just started photography last year and I probably wouldn’t have been that interested in runway events at the time.

The charity that was being supported for this event was The Kettle Friendship Society; you can learn more about them (certainly beats my explanation about what they are) here:

The event itself went great (even though it was pretty hectic behind the scenes, everyone involved still did really well though) and there was a great turnout too! Sadly enough though, for once I actually was feeling sick on that day (a weak cold or something) so I don’t believe that my pictures turned out as great as they should have; oh well, there’s always next year :/

My pictures can be see here:

Winston Wong Photography’s pictures can be seen here:

And a special mention to my third friend who also took the time out of her busy schedule to attend, check out her facebook page! 🙂

The LBA Presents: The 3rd Annual AWEAR Charity Fashion Show

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