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Project Epilogue – Day 449: The Deep Cove Photowalk

Via Flickr:
March 24th – Day 84 of 2012

Photowalk day and my first trip up to Deep Cove! I really must say that the location is very relaxing too 🙂

Since a lot people were busy on this day, I ended up going with two others but even then it was a great trip! xD After a quick lunch we explored the area around the water mostly and even though we didn’t go very far, we some how ended up using 4 hours to just see a very small section of Deep Cove. Still, we got some great pictures and that made it difficult to choose the ones that I was going to use for this entry!

Along with exploring, I also had a chance to try out the Canon 135mm f2.0L lens that my friend has and it was actually pretty fun to use although I had to use my friends as stand-in models while I figured it out; you can see the results in the photo album 😀 Considering that I want to do a photoshoot here, I definitely wouldn’t mind being able to use that lens!

It was a shame that we needed to go after 5 short hours but it was still a great photowalk and it was nice of the sun to come out too! 😀

Pictures can be seen here:

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