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Project Epilogue – Day 447: EastVanLove vol.5

Day 446 - EastVanLove vol.5 by SukhrajB
Day 447 – EastVanLove vol.5, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
March 22nd – Day 82 of 2012

Today I had a chance to attend an event known as EastVanLove, a tweetup centred around the best food available from the eastern areas of the city. This was actually the 5th time that this event had been hosted and each time it had been at a different restaurant and by chance I had actually already been to this restaurant in particular as well! The event itself also has several speakers that talk about various things that relate to the topic that was chosen for the tweetup (and because I took so long getting to this post, I forgot it ~.~).

I also had a chance to meet two people (and only two sadly) face to face for the first time as well and even had a nice conversation with the one who wasn’t in a major rush xD (I hope, it did feel like I wasn’t giving them a chance to talk for some reason :S). I also didn’t really get any good pictures either, so I ended up settling for this one :/

It was a nice event overall and I’m looking forward to the next one! 🙂


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