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The LBA Presents: The 3rd Annual AWEAR Charity Fashion Show – March 27th, 2012


Via Flickr:
Although this is the third AWEAR event and I had started at Langara last year, this was my first time hearing about it. This event was planned by the Special Event class that is taught at the school and the Langara Business Associtation (which is where I heard about and subsequently volunteered mine and a couple of my friends services). The Kettle Friendship Society was the charity that this event was supporting, just waiting for the final count of how much money was raised for them!

The event itself was great and went off without a hitch; I’m looking forward to next year! 🙂

Winston Wong Photography’s pictures:

Amy Teng Photography was handling the studio shots of all of the models in their outfits, so check out her page!

Learn more about The Kettle Friendship Society here:

Langara Business Association (for those that have never heard of them):

Event page:

Faceook versions:…


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