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Project Epilogue – Day 439: Filming Day for the SFU Lipdub

Via Flickr:
Day 74 of 2012

It took a long while but the filming day for the SFU Lipdub finally arrived after a long delay!

I wasn’t a photographer on this day, instead I helped out as a production assistant. I didn’t really do that much at all either since everything was done before I was needed @.@ But even then, it was a very very long day for me and I ended up getting home at 4am! 😐 Although I did meet a few nice people still πŸ™‚ Now comes the challenge of staying in contact 😑

The filming itself had a few hitches but it went fairly well and I can’t wait to see the final video! It will be posted on the SFU Lipdub website ( and youtube when it’s finished, so check it out when the time comes.

You can see my few pictures here:…
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