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Project Epilogue – Day 436: An Instagram Photowalk

Via Flickr:
Day 71 of 2012

I missed hearing about the Worldwide Instagram Meet last year since I got my iPhone several months after it had happened. It was brought to my attention this year by #604PhotoWalk which had some members that were going to attend the Vancouver meet at Charleson Park.

This photowalk was just like any other photowalk, except that we were supposed to stick to using Instagram only. Sadly (or fortunately if you look at it from my point of view) a friend of mine brought along three Canon L lenses (EF 24mm f1.4L II, EF 85mm f1.2L, and EF 100mm f2.8L Macro) to the walk; needless to say, I got distracted from the true goal of the walk :X As we walked through the park, I mainly used the 24mm lens since it gave such a nice field of view and it was able to focus so closely too! I used the 100mm Macro a bit (picture two was probably the best that I got with it in regards to the macro function) and I took a couple of shots with the 85L during lunch. If I stick with cop sensors, the 24L will always stay my favorite 🙂

It was nice meeting some more new people during the event and I had a really great time (even though my group fell behind for a bit lol)! Charleson Park is also a really nice location and I will definitely use it when I get a chance! I can’t wait untill the next Instameet photowalk 😀

To see all of the pictures that everyone got, search for Instameetvancouver on Instagram.

I did get some Instagram pictures which you can see if you search me on Instagram (@SukhrajB) and I have all of my pictures (both camera ones and instagram ones) online as well!


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