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Projct Epilogue – Day 429: A Fashion Photoshoot

Via Flickr:
March 4th – Day 64 of 2012

The last part of a really nice weekend. A friend of mine had been planning a photoshoot for a few weeks now (since Day 410 or so actually) and it was finally time to have it. Although the initial plan had been to go through three models, each with two dresses, we ended up running out of time and I only got pictures with two of them 😦

This photoshoot was great experience in regards to flash photography for me; a lot of the white/off-white shots were a bit of a challenge since I couldn’t use my flash off of my camera. I really happy about how a lot of them turned out though, the models and make-up artist did a great job! 😀

And I decided to forgo my normal picture collection style so that you can all focus on the models this time! 😀

Check-out the album and leave comments on what you like the most! 🙂

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