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Project Epilogue – Day 427: First Impressions of AIESEC SFU

Day 427 - First Impressions by SukhrajB
Day 427 – First Impressions, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 62 of 2012

The first of two meeting days arrives and the month starts off with the first AIESEC SFU meeting after the recent change in department heads (or something along that line, can’t be sure since it was a bit hard to hear :X).

It was a very interesting meeting to say the least and it had an even more interesting start at that (which I won’t mention in light of what group related things they like to keep internal, until you use google that is)! I had originally expected it to be a boring(ish) meeting that was going to go over whatever they were planning/working on and other stuff but instead it ended up feeling like an information session to me. Not only had my attendance been timed well enough to coincide with the change over of department heads and the club president, they had also brought in a couple of guest speakers that went over their past AIESEC experiences. Hearing about the experiences each of the group leaders had had throughout the past year was really interesting (and mildly amusing at times too xD), along with the what the two speakers had said about what their experiences; I learned far more than I expected 🙂 The meeting was so good in fact, that I had a major urge to just take out my camera and snap some pictures but I held that urge back until the next part..

And in what seems to be a universal after meeting tradition, most of the meeting attendees also went out to dinner; it was during this time that I actually got to learn the names of some of the people involved with AIESEC (didn’t have much of a chance during the meeting you see). These first introductions were very nice and did help my “first meeting shock” so to say :X

Frankly, with a such an energetic group as everyone at meeting, it is starting to seem that choosing between AIESEC and JCI is going to be harder than I thought. Still, there are still 19 days to go till the JCI Vancouver meeting so I need to wait for now…

I like how most of the pictures turned out as well, since I absolutely hate shooting past ISO 800 on my camera most of the time; thankfully they turned out nicely this time 🙂

My spring watermark needs some work still, apparently I can’t export the 300dpi version (I generally shrink the mark but I like keeping a full size version around) from illustrator without passing the PNG files size limit -.-


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