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Project Epilogue – Day 417: JCI Vancouver Launch Event

Day 417 - JCI Vancouver Launch Event

(via flickr)

Day 52 of 2012

The main event for today was the JCI Launch Event that I had been told about a few weeks ago. JCI Vancouver was brought to my notice when I was talking to someone else on twitter about a different program (known as AIESEC) and their friend just happened to see our chat and come in with their own comments! xD I ended up having two reason to go to this event, it was the perfect chance to meet Stephanie (with her hard to say last name @.@) and learn more about this organization that seems to be similar to AIESEC SFU. And I must admit that this was definitely a good choice on my part (including dragging a friend along as well xD), it was a really nice night and the JCI president, Jillian Walker, energy through out the event was a nice touch 🙂 Although I did learn a fair bit about the organization I still wasn’t entirely sure if I should join, thankfully I can attend a few meetings and events as a guest before I make my final decision; since there is no point in joining if I’m going to end up being uninterested in the end.

*An aside to that, a few days later (Day 419/February 22d, although there is no picture for that day) I was also told that I can attend AIESECsfu meetings as a guest too. With that bit of information, I can take some time to decide with organization will be good for me; since I can’t join both without screwing my self over in some way :/ After seeing what both of them are like, I’ll choose and maybe I’ll eventually join both but not yet*

Anyway, I had a great time meeting Stephanie and I’m looking forward to running into her again in the future 🙂

I also brought along my camera to get a few shots for the days picture although I didn’t take that many since I was focused on listening and I ended up staying in the same spot. The pictures can be seen here:

JCI Vancouver also had a blog post for that day as well:

And you can see some of Stephanie’s work here: or follow her on twitter @mdstephanierw

Wikipedia: The condition or quality of being interesting.

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