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Project Epilogue – Day 414: Going for a Photowalk

Day 414 - Going for a Photowalk

(via flickr)

Day 49 of 2012

The day to go on a photowalk was a rainy one. My friend had told me about @604Photowalk when we met at Illuminate Yaletown last week and I was happy to go since I’ve never been on a photowalk around the Broadway/Commercial Drive area before.

The walk itself was pretty fun and it was nice meeting some new people as well; I even had a chance to try out the new rain sleeve I bought to protect my camera from Vancouver’s constant winter rain! Luckily enough though the weather did get better a short time into the walk 🙂

Unfortunately the walk ended faster then my friend and I had expected, so we ended up walking through Chinatown and Gastown for a little while, after another friend of mine had joined us. We talked for awhile and had some mocha cheese cake and hot chocolate while relaxing before we all headed home for the day 🙂

Pictures from that event can be seen on my facebook page:


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