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Project Epilogue – Day 411: Being an Assistant for a Day

Day 411 - Being an Assistant for a Day

(via flickr)

Day 46 of 2012

For a change of pace from yesterdays photoshoot, I helped out my friend with her photography assignment today. By some amazing chance, her assignment was about utilizing the high speed sync function that the camera has and taking a nice picture outside; sadly it wasn’t a clear and sunny day 😐 Even with the cloudy conditions, I still got a few good shots (the first 3 in this collection for example) and manged to help out my friend a fair bit too.

Of course in the process of making sure my day was free, I ended up having nothing else to do! So I tagged along to her second shoot for another one of her assignments. Since the sky had cleared up a bit, there wasn’t much for me to help with and I wasn’t entirely that interested in getting many pictures either. However I did like the few pictures I did get; it was really nice to finally capture falling rain that was being back-lit by the setting sun 🙂

I’ll post up the pictures…eventually, need to finish some other ones first though.


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