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Project Epilogue – Day 387: Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Photoshoot

Day 387 - Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Photoshoot

(via Flickr)

Day 22 of 2012

It’s been awhile since I last went to a cosplay gathering; this event took place at an old Victorian styled house called Barclay Manor, located in downtown Vancouver. The cosplay theme was around an anime known as Kuroshitsuji (which I never heard of before).

This gathering was also a great time for me to learn how to use my flash some more and the lighting was bad enough to justify it too! Although, even then, it wasn’t enough to just use an on-camera flash; I’m grateful that a friend, who was also there, let me use his second flash as a slave for my flash since it did help a fair amount. I did have trouble with white balance though @_@

Still, it was a fun day and I got a fair number of great shots; you can check out the pictures here:


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