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Project Epilogue – Day 384 – Liberated Transparency: Join the Conversation

Day 384 - Liberated Transparency: Join the Conversation

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Day 19 of 2012

Today’s event is apart of a salon series that is hosted by a local wonder women, who has raised a lot for charity over the past several years, known as Sarah Jamieson. This event was geared towards educating and stopping the stigma that people have towards mental health issues, as quoted from the event page “Let’s stop stigma in it’s tracks and change the face of (me)ntal (heal)th, (dis)advantaged youth at risk, and people living with (dis)abilities and significant life challenges. We challenge (YOU) to help stop this (dis)ease and start (em)powering our youth! Join the “Conversation.”

The speakers were from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver Police Dept and the Response Teams, and Power to be Adventure Therapy. I wish I had videos to show from the event so that everyone else could see what it was about but it seems that they weren’t posted online 😦

Regardless, it was a great event that had a great message and if anyone hears another salon series event, I highly recommend attending!

The event page has a great description:

Pictures from the event can be seen here:



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