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Project Epilogue – Day 382: Club Days at SFU and Braving the Arctic Air

Via Flickr:
Day 17 of 2012

Club Days for UPhoto comes around again at SFU Burnaby this semseter. It was pretty much like all past club days but we did have more executive members at the booth this time! Not much else to say about that portion of the day, it was pretty fun šŸ™‚

(I was also at the booth the following day but there will be no picture for that, although the pictures from both days may be posted eventually)

For the last part of the day, I went out with a friend to get some long exposure pictures around downtown. Our timing was pretty bad though, on this night an arctic cold front just happened to make its way down to the city; the lowest temperature for the night was -10 degrees Celsius! Because of this we were not able to stay outside for that long in a single location. We still did get some pictures at least but we’ll go out again on a slightly warmer night :s

You can see my pictures on facebook (…) or Flickr (

It was an interesting day at least xD


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