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Project Epilogue – Day 379: Edcamp Delta

Day 379 - Edcamp Delta by SukhrajB
Day 379 – Edcamp Delta, a photo by SukhrajB on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Day 14 of 2012

I had only recently heard about the mini “unconferences” known as Edcamps (Education Camp) a little while after I had joined the planning crew for TEDxKids@BC. Edcamps are run by the participants pretty much since they are the ones that bring up (and facilitate) the topics that are chosen.

I spent the morning sessions with my friend, she had been invited to be in a panel discussion with people from Edcamp Santiago that was going also going on at (around) the same time. The first part of it consisted of people asking questions to the Edcamp Santiago panel and listening to their views on how education is in Chile and how it can be improved or what problems it has. The second part of that session was just a reverse of the start, with Edcamp Santiago attendees asking questions to the Edcamp Delta panel; it was a very nice discussion (which I can’t recall entirely because of the delay between the event day and this posting).

For the afternoon sessions I wasn’t able to choose a single one to sit in on, so I went around to each and took some pictures (for the first set) while listening in; I finally sat in on one just before the day ended though. There really were a lot of great topics being discussed, makes me wish that I had a way to take notes with a camera in my hands lol.

Over all, it was an interesting day 🙂

My Edcamp Delta pictures: |…

You can find out more about Edcamp Delta here:

Find out more about TEDxKids@BC (and maybe even join us?):


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